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Benjamin Smith

Hello! My name is Benjamin Smith. Welcome to my site!


I am a guy from Guisborough in Yorkshire NE UK... just an ordinary joe (except my name isn't Joe) who LOVES both being naked & being seen naked! It's just so satisfying to know that everyone can see me completely clothes free, penis, arse & everything visible for ALL to see!

I've been exposing myself online for several years following encouragement from a mate who informed me that my naked body, penis & arse needs to be exposed publicly for all to enjoy looking at! He's been sharing pictures of me naked himself, both online & with friends via WhatsApp!

I'm on this site purely to expose myself for my (& hopefully others gratification) I do not consider myself a "fag/faggot' & am not exposing myself for the purposes of humiliation! I love the pure thrill of knowing that anyone might come across my nakedness online!

If you've seen this page or any of my pictures online, message me & tell me! No message will be too filthy/explicit! Save/download my pics & repost them online or share them with friends/contacts, share my AbsolutelyExposed page link too so that even more people will see me exposed & naked! If you post pics online, please send a link to it either via my Telegram or WhatsApp/SMS so that I can enjoy the posts too!

It makes my dick so damn hard to see myself exposed n simply can't resist pulling my pants down to masturbate especially if people have responded to it!

我为能成为 TheBestOf.Absolutely.Exposed的一部分而感到非常自豪!